Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is designed for Custom Web Design and so much more. Its purpose consists of using multiple servers to balance the load and maximize uptime. Instead of using a single server, your website can access a central access point that uses resources from a centralized pool. This process protects your business in that if one server fails, another server comes in play to keep everything working as it should.

In this day and age, a diverse range of companies is relying on Cloud Hosting, especially those that realize the importance of ensuring the protection of back up that keeps you up and running.

Our team ensures that your business is safeguarded to avoid setbacks. We want yours's to move in a forward motion.

Joomla & WordPress (CMS) Advanced Infrastructure
Our Cloud Hosting plans are designed so that the best CMS functionality framework is present in the hardware and software. This combination permits CMS type websites to experience phenomenal load times with plenty of room to expand and grow, along with powerful acceleration compared to many other plans on the market.

Non CMS & ASP Websites
Non CMS Websites experience the same high speeds and more than fast load times. Because we have Cross Platform Servers, we can host for ASP as well as PHP. You can think of this as the MAC-DADDY of Servers.